Cats Needing Homes

Though he tried really hard to exercise, four year old Peter Pudding very much lives up to his name! He has put on a little weight whilst sitting around his foster pen but we think a few weeks exploring his new home will soon have him back to his normal size.

He has been with us for sometime now and is always overlooked. Sadly there is always a fluffier or younger kitten cat to draw potential adopters attention away from dear Peter before they have even been properly introduced.

He has not lived with dogs or young children but loves a fuss and we feel he would suit an older family or someone on their own. He has lived happily with other cats and would probably be ok with another polite feline friend as long as they were properly introduced.

In his previous home he was an indoor cat and would probably be happy to live indoors again in his new home as long as he has plenty of space and stimulation with lots of human company and interactive toys to play with. Of course nothing pleases a cat like a safe, cat friendly garden away from busy roads so if he had access to one of those as well he would be beyond thrilled!

If you are interested in offering Peter a forever home, please call our Branch on 01803 266 321. As a genuine and responsible animal charity, all of our domestic cats are neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, deflead and have a further vet check prior to rehoming - all of which will have cost our charity well over £130 for each cat we care for. We would ask if you would kindly consider making a donation of £50 to our charity when you adopt a cat or kitten from us. Thank you.