Cats Needing Homes


Poor Harry and Mouse had a sad start in life. This 3 year old brother and sister pair were taken in as kittens by an elderly lady who sadly went into hospital not long after. Although her friends went to the house to put down food and water every day, Harry and Mouse were left to their own devices shut in her bungalow. Their poor owner was unable to come home from hospital and we were eventually contacted and asked to take them in. They are described by their foster family as nervous but inquisitive. They love being gently stroked and admired but due to their isolation when young they need to get to know and trust you first. Harry's nosey nature gets the better of him very quickly and he can't help but come out and meet you. Mouse is a bit more reserved and will wait for you to sit quietly first before coming for a peek. As Mouse draws a lot of her confidence from her brother, they must go together. They have always lived as indoor cats so would probably suit an indoor only home that is quiet and welcoming with gentle patient new owners. They have never lived with children or dogs. 

If you would like some more information, please call 01803 266 321. As a genuine and responsible animal charity, all our domestic cats are neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, deflead and health checked - all of which would cost our charity over £130 for each cat we care for. We ask if you would kindly consider making a donation of £50 to our charity when you adopt a cat of kitten from us. Thank you.