Cats Needing Homes

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Cat Action Trust is the pioneering society for the welfare of feral cats in the UK; our charity being founded in 1975. We were amongst the first to adopt the humane method of Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) for managing feral cat colonies.  We aim to assist, and be advocates for, overlooked and forgotten cats both feral and domestic that struggle alone to survive a life of hunger, hardship, abandonment and abuse.

Our dedicated network of volunteers generously give their time and compassion to improve the welfare of cats in need. With the support of kind donations and funding from the public, we are able to help “forgotten” cats.

What We Do And Why

What is a feral cat? Feral cats are usually the offspring of stray, feral or abandoned cats and will have missed out on human contact in early life, making them wary of humans. The behavior of feral cats is so different from the fireside companion cat we all know and love that some people treat them as a separate species, without thought or care.  Frequently these cats live in colonies, and left unneutered the cat population can grow quickly. Neutering and returning the cats to their colony will halt continual breeding.

Trap neuter return (TNR)  Our experienced specialist volunteers trap feral cats so they can be neutered and treated for any health problems before being released again. This may be back to their original colony or an alternative site but in either case only where the landowner is supportive and will provide food and shelter.  Where possible young feral kittens will be socialised and rehomed as domestic pets.  This process controls feral cat numbers and improves their quality of life.

Fostering & homing abandoned domestic cats Cat Action Trust supports a network of cat loving volunteer fosterers who care for unwanted and abandoned domestic cats of all ages.  They provide them with care and attention until a suitable forever loving home is found for each cat. 

Neutering   All cats, feral or domestic, that come into our care are neutered and receive all necessary veterinary treatment for any health issues.

Fundraising We actively fundraise to support our voluntary work in England, Scotland and Wales helping these “forgotten” cats. The generosity of the supporters of our charity makes it possible to help so many cats struggling to exist in tragic situations.

Advocacy Cat Action Trust aims to raise awareness and understanding of feral cats and promote the importance of neutering for all cats.

We are a non-euthanasia organisation and will only put a cat to sleep if it is terminally ill and suffering; or so badly injured that it could not survive.