Cats Needing Homes in West Wales

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Welcome to West Wales Cat Action Trust

West Wales being a very rural area, has a large number of farms and smallholdings where most of our work is concentrated. Large populations of feral cats are centred around these agricultural communities and it is our job to help and work with local farmers to trap, neuter and return to site where possible, the cats within these colonies. By neutering and returning we can prevent new colonies from evolving and by building good relationships with the farmers, monitor the cats to ensure good health and numbers.

Part of our work brings many stray cats/kittens into our care because they have been left to fend for themselves; sometimes just frightened and cold but others in very poor condition. Our very dedicated team of fosterers take them into their own homes to give them a second chance. We all work hard to ensure they are each given that little bit extra love and attention they need and to find them the perfect new home where they will be wanted, cared for and loved. Inevitably, there are always more cats/kittens than we can take in at any one time, so it is essential that we prioritise and take in the urgent cases first and find alternative help for the others until a space becomes available.

Although we are a small group we are always working hard to ensure that we can help as many cats/kittens as possible through our neutering programme, homing and fundraising, so we would welcome new volunteers to help with any of these.

For all enquires please ring:  01994 20 50 20