Cats Needing Homes

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Ginger catWe urgently need more dedicated people to start up new Branches all around the country to help cats.

There is so much to do. With more Branches, more supporters and more funding, we could reach out so many more feral cat colonies; and help rescue and rehome stray and unwanted domestic cats.

Please help us to continue cats by starting a local branch in your area. We are happy to offer advice, help and support!

For more information on ‘How to set up a local branch’ – click here

If you feel setting up a branch is not for you – there are plenty of other was you can help the Cat Action Trust help more cats.

More ways to help the Cat Action Trust

Other ways in which you can help are by contacting your nearest branch (see our ‘Branches’ pages) or if you haven’t got a branch nearby - contact Head Office. We are always ready to offer advice as to how you can help, and any support you may need.

A few ideas!

Make a Donation

We are always in need of funds to ensure that we can carry on our work. With veterinary fees, food, litter costs, energy bills etc all increasing – please help us by making a donation.

You can give by standing order. Please click here for our bankers order form.

Or by clicking the ‘Donate Now’ button.

You can also click here for our Gift Aid form.

Please remember that if you are a tax payer then you can use a Gift Aid form to allow the Cat Action Trust to reclaim the tax paid on your donation(s) (providing you pay an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax equal to the tax all charities you donate to reclaim on your donation(s) (currently 25p for each £1 they give).

Join the Cat Action Trust as a Supporter

As a supporter you will receive our regular newsletter and be kept up-to-date with the Cat Action Trust’s activities.

Please click here for our supporter details form.

Make a donation of cat food, litter or bedding, toys etc.

Become a volunteer! We are always in need of help! Please see below some ways our volunteers help us help cats.

Please click here to register for more information regarding volunteering.

Organise or help with fundraising

We are always in need of help with fundraising. Please contact your local branch or Head Office for more information.


If you have transport and some spare time – why not think about helping out with collecting cats, cat food, litter, donated goods etc for your local Branch? There is always the need for help with a trip to the veterinary surgery!

Foster Cats and Kittens

We are always looking for volunteers with a spare room, some time and love for an unwanted cat or kitten to stay with them until their permanent home is found. Please contact us if you feel you could offer temporary accommodation to one of our cats.

For more information about becoming a volunteer fosterer please click here.

Go Out Trapping

Our Branches work tirelessly to trap feral cats so they can be neutered and treated for any medical conditions. Volunteers are always needed to help with this fundamental part of our charity.

For more information about what trapping entails - click here.

Help our Branches with home checking etc.

Offer computer skills as there is plenty of admin help needed!