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 Volunteer Fosterers

What does it mean to be a Volunteer Fosterer?

We are in desperate need of more volunteers to foster the ever increasing number of domestic cats who need our help.

Our Volunteer Fosterers offer a temporary home environment to a cat (or more than one cat - if appropriate!) until they can be permanently adopted.

To become a Volunteer Fosterer you need to have time, patience and commitment. We ask that you have a spare room to house your fostered cat(s) - so that they are less stressed and away from any pets you may already have. It would also be helpful if you have access to transport - in case you need to take your foster cat to the vets.

We can provide food, litter, toys, bedding, equipment and any vet care your fostered cat may need.

You will also be supported by your Branch - so if you have any questions or concerns - just ask!

We have so many different cats needing a temporary place to stay - there may be mums with kittens; adult cats; elderly cats; sick cats; or feral kittens needing lots of handling and socialisation. Whatever their reason for being in our care they will be looked after and a new home sought for them.

By fostering you are not only helping to keep a cat warm, fed and safe but you can also give us valuable information about the requirements of your fostered cat - for when it is time for them to go to the forever home. You are also giving your foster cat the one-to-one attention in a home environment, which so many of them need.

Whatever your experience - if you feel fostering is something you could do - please contact us!