First off

The first thing to do is have a quick look at our 'Branches' pages to ensure that there isn't one just down the road to you. If there is, it may be helpful to approach them to see what help you could offer them and 'join forces'.

If there are no Branches around you then get in touch with Head Office for some guidance and an informal chat about becoming a Branch.

What does it mean to be a Branch?

The Branches are the front line of the Cat Action Trust and work in order to further its objectives of the relief of suffering of cats (with particular emphasis on feral cats). The Branches consist of a team of local volunteers who work together in order to carry out these objectives. By becoming a Branch you will be part of a national charity and not 'going it alone'.

Branches hold a minimum of three Committee meetings every year and run the Branch collectively with decisions being made by a majority decision.

Within the Branch there are opportunities for volunteers to have different roles, depending on their experiences and interests.

Branches work towards becoming self-funding and are given as much help and support as they need from Head Office in order to achieve this.

Wherever possible a Trustee will arrange to visit a prospective Branch.

If you all agree that you would like to set up a Branch you will be asked to abide by our Rules for Branches; and the Cat Action Trust's policies and procedures.

The more Branches we have, the more cats we can help.

Please contact us if you would like a chat about setting up a Branch.