Cats Needing Homes

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How to Give a Home to One of Our Cats

Feral tabby catOne fantastic way to help the Cat Action Trust would be to adopt one (or more!) of our cats! Whether it is a kitten, adult domestic or feral cat – offering a cat their forever home ensures they are safe and loved for life.

We offer lots of advice and support to our cat adopters; and the procedure for adopting our cats is simple!

Find your local CAT Branch

Find your local Cat Action Trust branch and give them a call to start the process; however, if you do not have a branch close to you, give our Head Office a call! Good homes are so precious that we will do our best to get the process moving for you!

Home Visit

We always undertake a home visit prior to your cat coming home. This is not to see how often you dust(!); but just to make sure the most suitable cat(s) is chosen for your situation and environment. We want to make sure that we find great homes for our cats and that you have a long and happy relationship!

Our home visitors also go through the basics of cat ownership, things like making sure you are able to take your cat to the vet a minimum of once a year for vaccinations; but also other financial commitments such as flea and worm treatments and food and litter etc. We also talk about insurance and the importance of it for those unforeseen veterinary bills (which can really mount up).

Our home visitors are happy to answer any questions you may have – so please feel free to discuss any aspect of cat care with them.

Choosing Your Cat

After a successful home visit, prospective new owners are able to choose their cat. All our cats undergo a standard veterinary check. They are neutered (if old enough – if not we will require your cat to be neutered at the earliest opportunity) and treated for fleas and worms. Domestic cats are also vaccinated for Feline Enteritis.

Upon accepting your cat into your household, we need our adoption form to be signed. This form outlines an agreement between us and identifies the undertaking you are making in adopting one of our cats.

We also ask for a donation towards the care your cat (and so many others) has received whilst with us.

After Adoption

We always say that we are here for our cats – even after they have been adopted. If you have any queries or questions at any time, please contact us.