Cats Needing Homes

This is Bella, she is a tortie female cat who is around 9 years old. She is looking for her forever home with her best friend Poppy, who is a dark silver tabby, around 12 years old. These two beautiful cats are very very sweet and friendly and are looking for a lap to snuggle up on. They must stay together and would prefer not to share their new home with any other cats or dogs. Can you offer this quiet, cuddly pair a safe and loving home? If so, please call the Cat Action Trust on 01803 266 321

Dennis is a great big all black, 8 year old neutered tom cat.

He is looking for a country home where he can have free access to the great outdoors both day and night as he absolutely loves hunting and stalking his prey, both real and imagined!

During the warm summer months he likes to pop home every day for his food and a quick stroke, maybe even grabbing forty winks in a warm spot and then he is gone again.

However, during the winter he has been known to stay in for several months if he is not impressed by the weather and you have the heating on.

He would be ok with another, preferably young and female, cat. He has never lived with dogs or young children.

Have you the environmental diversity for our roughty toughty Dennis? If so, please call the Cat Action Trust on 01803 266 321.

Elfin Babe is a 3 year old perennial kitten. Like Peter Pan, she just never wanted to grown up. She would love a home with at least one big friendly tom cat to wash, hero worship and snuggle up to.

She is beautifully black with a small white beauty spot underneath her chin and a white patch on her tummy which she loves you to tickle.

She is very loving and affectionate once she has got over her initial shyness.

She is not used to children or dogs.

Have you got room in your home for this beautiful puss? Please call the Cat Action Trust on 01803 266 321 for more information.

This is Manny and he is seeking a quiet home away from busy roads with hopefully access to a safe garden. He can usually be found curled up in a sunny windowsill, if not, pottering around the garden.

His elderly owner, a life long cat lover, took him in as an abandoned kitten nearly 10 years ago. Sadly she has recently died so he is soon to be homeless once again.

Manny has a recently diagnosed minor thyroid condition for which he has been prescribed a single tablet, given once a day (luckily he takes them with ease!).

Our vet has done subsequent tests and found that his levels are back to normal and feels that he should need no further treatment if he remains on the medication which we are happy to contribute towards for the rest of his life if required.

Can you help provide a quiet home for this dear boy? He would suit an older, maybe retired family. He has never lived with a dog or young children and can tend to be rather aloof with other cats.

Please call the Cat Action Trust on 01803 266 321 for more information - thank you!

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